Monday, December 17, 2012

The Power Of Change

This is the subject given to me in school to write an essay on. It got me thinking and writing it was simply exciting and amazing. The inspiration actually flowed onto the paper. I actually freaked out! 
To give a suitable meaning to the word "change" to some, is a Herculean task. Change in my opinion is something that occurs in somebody's life which makes them stop doing something and start doing something else. Change means difference.

Change is not something that we can touch, but we can feel, hear, smell and see it. Most people pay no mind to small changes (like adding only one spoon of sugar to their tea rather than two), but when thought about, change is a giant looming shadow, a small sphere of deadly Mercury threatening to fall to the floor and breaking into tiny little bits and pieces.
Change from one side of the argument, is good. It leads to doing new things at new places and times with new people. It gives a person a chance to explore the sadly unexplored but incredibly fascinating world around him or her.

On the other hand, change causes pain, hurt, terror, fright, sadness, agony, maybe even death.
Have you ever wanted life to have an "undo" button?
Everybody has. Every once in a while, a tiny slip-of-the-tongue eventually leads to mass destruction everywhere. Soon, you're watching your life tumbling down to the ground and forming a heap of rubble right in front of you. Everything leads to change.
Don't you think?

To tell a person everything about change through writing would take more than a thousand books and more than a lifetime through speech. At first, change scares everyone. When I changed schools, I was terrified. I knew no one and was scared to mingle with other little children like myself. I had never been prepared for that disaster.
By now, I have become used to the change and am further preparing for the next change coming my way--leaving my school, leaving friends, teachers, classrooms, playgrounds, and now ten-year-old memories behind.

To conclude, change in a friend and an enemy. It visits everyone at some point in time or the other. Sometimes it is temporary while sometimes it is permanent. A vast subject indeed.
Everything is change....or rather...

Change is everything.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kill a dream

You sit down in the dark,
in a corner of your room,
you think your life sucks,
when your dreams go kaboom.
You want to be the real you,
someone you've never been.
you want to show the real talents,
ones no one's ever seen.
There's a someone in every no one,
just trying to break free,
if only there was a way out,
surely there has to be....

Do you know what it feels like
to be falling apart inside?
Do you know what someone's like
when all they do is hide?
Don't ever kill a dream,
it's the worst thing you can do,
once it's gone, it's gone forever
you can't ever start anew.

Your soul's being ripped in half,
you're losing control,
all people do is laugh,
watching you fall into an endless hole.
Your head's being hammered,
you need a break,
you need help,
for your dream to wake.
You scream in pain, you're going blind,
your world is blacking out.
Sitting in that corner,
plug in your guitar,
and start to yell your heart out.

Do you know what it feels like
to be falling apart inside?
Do you know what someone's like
when all they do is hide?
Don't ever kill a dream,
it's the worst thing you can do,
once it's gone, it's gone forever
you can't ever start anew.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Manufacturing a sense of humour

My friend was a serious studious thing,
who had no sense of humour,
and one day, i got fed up,
and told her she was too serious, NO RUMOUR.
"How could it be, you never laugh, giggle or smile,
'cause when you do, it's nice to see your white teeth in single file."
She said I was crazy,
and then it hit me,
but I'm a crazy person, you see,
so I would say it really bit me.

I went home from school that day,
with plans in my head,
and at 10 o' clock after dinner,
i didn't go to bed.
I sat up all night, getting ready for the making,
and then i began plumbing and stitching and testing.

By morning it was complete,
my "sense of humour" was ready, NEAT!
I quickly left for school after that,
and waited for that thing,
wouldn't she be shocked i thought,
when she sees this stuff made for laughing!

She finally arrived, and waved hello,
while chewing a piece of gum,
and when i said i had something to make her laugh,
she said "don't be DUMB."

I got really angry and
shoved the humour down her throat,
and then to my greatest horror,
her face began to bloat.
I said "Open your mouth STUPID!
Let out the air!!!"
and when she did......she started laughing like a BEAR!

"YES!" I yelled, "it WORKED! I'm a genius FOREVER!"
and that my dear reader,
is manufacturing a sense of humour.

My world

When I think of words,
I sit down and wonder,
and imagine if the world
was a complete blunder.

If mobile phones could move about,
and time could fly,
If hot dogs were what they literally mean,
nothing would sell, no one would buy.

If you could give a healthy man,
a taste of his own medicine,
he would fall dreadfully ill,
and would need a prick from a pin!

If somebody told me they wanted an ear of corn,
I would be really surprised,
and if someone asked me to lend them my thinking cap,
I most certainly would oblige.

If kidnap meant making a child sleep,
and an innocent man made the alarm beep,
and "Nothing" was the name of somebody's sheep,
well....that's my world.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ant problem.

I walked into the kitchen, to find dozens of ants crawling over a tiny piece of Bournvita on the counter. "Ugh" I thought. "Irritating little pests". I dampened a kitchen sponge, and wiped the ants away. Then, the thought struck me, since i feel that humans couldn't have been the only ones to evolve, that ants must really have a life of their own. They probably have their own houses, work places and restaurants too! I suddenly thought, what seemed like pest control to me, would actually be NATURAL DISASTERS for ants. The world would be like a battlefield for a couple of ants wouldn't it? Just imagine if a giant kitchen sponge came and wiped you and your friends off the face of the earth? That's what I felt when I wiped away those ants. What there was a "camera ant" who was shooting scenes of the disaster, and showing it on the ant' TV network. I can imagine the headline; "Disaster strikes again. 1,06,078 ants wiped away due to kitchen sponge". I can imagine ants filing thousands and thousands of cases against humans, demanding justice for the grief we have caused them. I am going to try and stop myself from killing ants and other harmless fellows from now on, and i hope you do too.

"Because after all, a person's a person, no matter how small!"--Dr.Seuss

Friday, April 1, 2011

India! India!

We were all watching, our eyes glued to the T.V. and we were waiting. The opponents inning had just started. They were playing quite well, and had to score 261 runs from 300 balls. We felt that whenever one of us got up and walked away, something good would happen. A wicket for the opponent, or a four, or six for us. It was all very exciting. It felt like the final! We were watching....

BOOM! He whacks the ball and it goes far. The Indian fielder watches. It's coming towards's coming...YESSS!!!! He's CAUGHT IT! We all cheer and scream and yell. Finally, he's out.....

The batsman is batting. He hits the ball, and it flies. Harbhajan Singh gets ready. He catches it, then waves his arms in sheer delight, yelling at the top of his voice.....

Last 10 balls......31 to win...."I think it's possible"....."yeah, if it is, that would be a miracle".......

Last 5 balls.....31 to win.....last TWO's clear that we have won, but we hold back our yells......He hits it.....HARD... it soars....higher and stops....and heads down.....Kohli catches......and runs....with a look of pure pride, and I look down and shout......YES!!!!! WE HAVE WON!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

The future visit

"I built a time machine for my science project Mrs. Kapoor" I said. Mrs. Kapoor came up to my desk and picked up my time machine, which was a small gadget, the size of a cell phone. She looked at it and said, "Good job Karthik, this looks good but have you tested it?" "Well, no, I said. but I will now." With that, I turned the dial for two years ahead, rather nervously, because I didn't want to find myself floating about in empty space, which was probably the aftermath of the horrors of "2012." 'Oh shut up!' I thought, 'how the hell is that possible?' Then, I pressed the button, and I blacked out. Two seconds later I found myself automatically walking into the 8th class, and soon recognized myself, and also realized that my invention, was a success.

Mrs. Kapoor, who now appeared to be taking Geography for Class 8, looked at me with not the slightest bit of curiosity on her face and told me "Oh, you're here from the past aren't you Karthik?" Yeah...."I said. "OK, well, sit down" she added. I sat down next to the older me who waved at me and said Hi, and also wasn't the least bit surprised by me. " I still have the gadget," he said, and added with a toothy grin " I use it to cheat on my tests...." 'Ha!' I thought, "So typical me!' " A new continent has been found today class" said Mrs. Kapoor to the class. "What?!" I shrieked. "Yes" she said, and added "That's not common for you Karthik. Anyway, It's called "RED LAND" and is to the west of the United States of America. You can check it on your atlas; I'm sure that they would have been updated."' Digital books' I thought, 'COOL!' The older me slammed at his table, and a keyboard and screen came up in front of him. He typed the word "atlas" and pressed "ENTER". the atlas appeared, projected out in front of us by the screen. I found Red land, and read up about it as well. Just then, the bell rang, and "me" as I called the older myself, packed his bag, and with a polite "Thank you teacher" ran swiftly out the door.

I ran behind Me, and suddenly stopped behind him. We had reached the road....or what looked like a road. It was all trees, but they were all level at the top, and had rectangular depressions cut into them. There were people standing on thin transparent slides, and were travelling on the depressions in the trees. 'public transport' I thought. " You want to go by auto, or the plankway?" asked Me, with a smile. "Let's go by auto" I said, looking at someone falling on the plankway plank, and the plank shaking back and forth and back and forth. We found an auto, and we got in and drove off. My home was the same, but instead of staircases, we had mini-plankways, which I reluctantly got onto and went inside. Mom and Pa weren't surprised to see me either; they must have constantly been seeing me transporting from one place to another! " Welcome to the present!" said Pa and Mom together. "Present?" I asked. "I thought this was the future!" It may be the future for, a person from the past, but someone who exists here and always has existed here will call it the present, because every second coming up is the future, and when you live the second, it is automatically the present! Do you understand?" asked Pa. "Uhuh" I said. Suddenly, I started to fade, and then reappeared in my classroom at the present and I said, "Wow, you people have got to try this." I put the gadget to projection mode, and then pressed the button, and my class and I, along with Mrs. Kapoor, went off to the future.....I mean, the present.